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Our Top Kitchen Island Styling Tips

Our Top Kitchen Island Styling Tips

Does your kitchen island always seem cluttered or perhaps quite the opposite and you feel something is missing...? Wel look no further, we have created a guide with our favourite kitchen island styling tips...

1. Keep the clutter to a minimum 

You should not view your kitchen island as a space that needs to be filled. Keep your kitchen decor simple and stick to one item. If you wish to make a statement with your kitchen decor, try adding a large vase or fruit bowl to your kitchen island. And yes, here less is more! 

2. Cluster items together 

Cluster items varying in height, shapes and textures together. Don't overuse the island space by cluttering it, stick to no more than three items on your countertop.  A good idea is to cluster vases in different shapes & sizes together. 

3. Showcase your prettiest kitchenware 

When deciding which kitchen decor to display on your kitchen island, it's important to keep in mind that the items selected should serve a purpose. When you add items that don't serve a purpose they will only result in clutter - and that we don't want!  

4. Try sticking to a theme 

Look for similarities in items and group those items together. Similar groupings in the center of the kitchen can make a strong visual impact which your guests will love. 

5. A tray can save the day 

If the items in your kitchen island grouping doesn't relate to each other that much try adding them on a tray & suddenly it all will make sense! When you add items to a tray they feel more intentional, as if they belong together on the kitchen island. Featured below is our Cane Round Tray. 






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