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Time to give your bathroom a fresh look?

Time to give your bathroom a fresh look?

Your bathroom should be the place where you take time for yourself and rewind after a long day of work & often bathrooms get left behind when it comes to decorating. With these following tips you can give your bathroom a quick facelift & make it the ultimate Zen Den in no time...

1. No more boring bathmats 

A new bathmat can make the biggest difference in your bathroom. Get rid of your old boring bathmat and try adding one with colour or a funky print or shape!

2. Add a touch of life 

Try adding a bit of greenery, with a few plants you can instantly get that relaxed atmosphere that you want. And even a bonus if you can add a pretty planter to go with! 

3. Use practical storage like baskets 

Use pretty baskets to keep everything organised & the clutter to a minimum.

4. Try adding a few candles 

A few candles or a diffuser will also make a big difference to your bathroom. What's a bubble bath without any candles?

5. Some perfectly placed shelves 

A perfectly placed shelf or shelves can help keep your bathroom spick and span!

6. Mirrors

Adding a new mirror or even a few mirrors can help make your bathroom appear much bigger.

7. Pretty dispensers

Why not add a few pretty dispensers, this will add a fresh touch to your bathroom. 

8. Ottomans or side tables

An ottoman or side table can serve as a nifty place to put down your towels or even shampoo bottles.

9. Wallpaper 

Adding wallpaper will instantly give your bathroom a fresh touch - without even changing a lot. A fun weekend DIY to try!










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