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Meet the maker: Crates of Beauty

Meet the maker: Crates of Beauty

Est 2022, Cape town.

Crates of Beauty is a slow commerce furniture and home decor collective that has gone from importing bespoke pieces of beauty from Bali where the business was born during the pandemic, to proudly manufacturing locally in South Africa.

Our 2023 collection includes a 100% locally made lighting range of woven bamboo pendants, and a slow rollout of woven takes on Ndebele classics like the Garlic gourd.

The idea behind the brand:

As a core Balinese belief, the Tri Hita Karana is a Balinese philosophy of three
pillars of wellbeing: our connection to the spiritual realm, our community, and
our environment. If we are to be truly ‘Bali inspired’, we must create in a way
that serves our local communities, with sustainably sourced natural materials,
and beauty in its magic ability to put us in connection with harmony, will take
care of the spiritual.

How many people work for you? 5

What is your best seller?

Our bamboo pendants, they are very on trend but extremely rare and
unique in being 100% locally made.

What is YOUR favourite product in your collection?

The Teardrop pendant.

Why would you say it is important for customers to support local?

It’s simple - sustainability.