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Meet the maker: Joon

Meet the maker: Joon

Est 2018, Paardeneiland, Cape Town

Who is “Joon”?

It's me: Lise Nelson :) I chose the Name 'Joon' as I just loved the sound of it and the meaning behind it.

What was the idea behind your brand?

I started making small products that I needed around the house. Once I had put together a nice little range, I realized it was all designed around organizing my home. I have loved organizing and making a place for everything since I was a little kid, so Joon is really close to my heart. The word joon, while literally meaning 'life,' can also be used as a term of endearment for the ones you feel love or affection.

How many people work for you?

I work mostly by myself, but get a helping hand in from time to time when things get very busy.

What are your best sellers?

My Mila shelf range and my Bottle Bracket/Dispenser range.

What is YOUR favourite product of your collection?

I'm quite excited about a new picture shelf with brass hooks called the Aurelie shelf (still to be released).

What to you is the best thing about selling on Knus?

It's great to see how the different products on Knus compliment one another and create a story together.

How would you say it has impacted your business selling through KNUS?

It's been great to have Knus involved in promoting my products and creating a steady flow of orders. These consistant sales were really helpful in getting my business on it's feet and creating a need for a smooth production process and better stock levels.

Why would you say it is important for customers to support local?

We have so many talented designers here. Our products are beautifully made, affordable and most South African entrepreneurs are keen to build a relationship with their customers where they provide outstanding service.