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Meet the Artist: Frai Art

Meet the Artist: Frai Art

Est 2017, Garden Route, Western Cape

Who is Frai Art?

Frai is who and where I have always felt I was meant to be. 

As a person, Hi I am Claudi Lubbe, 25 years old, married to my bestie, and mama of almost 2 years old identical twin girls. Driven by my connection to the Divine Femine Energy and inner flow as a human being. 

What was the idea behind your brand?

The idea behind my brand is to inspire or ignite the flame within others to explore within themselves and really follow your inner drive. That small flickering that we feel, to keep adding to the little flame until we burn with passion for what we do.  FRAI is there to start the conversation, to ignite the energy flow and to hopefully bring some joy to the people and spaces that the art / art prints belong to.

How many people work for you?

At the moment it is just me.

 What are your best sellers?

The Abstract botanicals and the Bug Series were some of my best sellers so far. The bugs were inspired by symmetry and my love for nature. The symmetry came from being pregnant with identical twins.

What is YOUR favourite product of your collection?

At the moment I am really inlove with my “Inner Landscape” series. Especially the “ MOUNTAINS OF RESURRECTION piece. "

What to you is the best thing about selling on KNUS?

Where do I start, I feel so at home with the brand itself. I feel we are such a good match. KNUS makes everything so easy and convenient, from loading new products to the end of the selling process. And the the people on the other side of the phone calls or emails are always so refreshing and friendly.

How would you say it has impacted your business selling through KNUS?

MAJOR. When KNUS contacted me a good while back, it felt like it was divine intervention and it was. I had two small babies, and no idea where to take my business or even where to find the time to even think about it. I would never forget the day that KNUS phoned me and said they wanted to sell my art prints. I was in tears, and so so filled with gratitude, it was exactly a day after I almost gave up on FRAI, I was at a point where I wanted to delete my website and see what was instore for me away from FRAI. Then a new door opened up for me. And what a blessing. 

Why would you say it is important for customers to support local?

For me, the local businesses are a part of your community. And for us as human beings to expand with integrity and true joy, we should love our “neighbours”.  To support small businesses is to support the little flickering in us all, the drive, the passion the uniqueness of us all.