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Meet the artist: Andrea Liang

Meet the artist: Andrea Liang

Est 2017, Cape town.

Who is Andrea Liang?

Andrea Liang (she/her) is a nerdy creative who is inspired by nature, nostalgia and the diversity that exists in our world. She describes herself as an old soul with a youthful spirit. She has a soft spot for mid-century design. The 1960s and 1970s resonate with her in terms of colour, pattern and style. She loves calm and peaceful moments and hopes to reflect that in her work.

The idea behind the brand:

The brand is an extension of my creative self; my inner artist. There have been years where I shut my inner artist out and where my logical and analytical side took over, so branding my business as Andrea Liang Art was a way to take ownership of the title as a  creator, artist and maker. As such, the brand is a reflection of my state of mind, my interests, my surroundings and my dream life.

How many people work for you?

I work independently! That means I'm the one drawing, taking photos, editing, writing social media captions, updating my website, collecting & packing orders, and answering Instagram DMs & email inquiries. The pro is that I am content in my own company, enjoy admin, and like to do things at my own pace. The con is that there is a level of ebb and flow to my business, or inconsistency if you will. I'll have months where I'm super productive and then months where I slow down a bit because I'll be going through a personal shift and thus an art shift.

What is your best seller?

My best seller by far is EARLY NIGHT. I illustrated it in 2019 and I find it still resonates with me and with others. I hope to make more work that evokes that same feeling of comfort and contentment.

What is YOUR favourite product in your collection?

My favourite artwork in my collection is currently LEOPARD LOUNGE. I like the warmth that it has and it makes me feel like I'm lazing on the couch in the afternoon sun which my ultimate state of being! I also like the unexpected pop of pink.

What is the best thing about selling on KNUS?

For me, the thing I like most about selling on KNUS is the efficiency of the process and the peace of mind that comes with it. I do not have to worry about customer service or courier bookings, but I know that the customer is in good hands and will receive their delivery timeously. I can depend on being paid timeously once the customer receives their product. In addition, the KNUS Team is always prompt and professional, so as a supplier I feel supported and can trust that my brand is presented in the best way possible.

How selling through KNUS has impacted my business?

Selling through KNUS is really what got my business off the ground and "known" to the South African home décor market in 2020. As a supplier, it gave me the opportunity to learn how to price, print and package my artwork. It also gave me the momentum I needed to create more illustrations. The semi-passive income received from KNUS has also helped me in months that were financially difficult and unpredictable.

Why would you say it is important for customers to support local?

Supporting local keeps the local community employed, keeps local businesses competitive, upskills local people, keeps cash flow within the local economy and reduces our carbon footprint since resources are produced, manufactured and transported within our country.