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Meet the maker: Barrydale Handweavers

Meet the maker: Barrydale Handweavers

Est 2007, Barrydale, Klein Karoo, Western Cape

Who is Barrydale Hand Weavers?

As the name suggests we are a Hand Weaving business based in Barrydale, weaving almost exclusively with locally grown cotton.

What was the idea behind your brand?

Retain hand weaving skills in SA and create beautiful homeware products from locally grown and spun cotton.

How many people work for you? 26

What are your best sellers?

Towels, table runners, rugs & blankets.

What is YOUR favourite product of your collection?

Probably our small towels which are great as guest towels, dish cloths or tea towels.

What to you is the best thing about selling on Knus?

It’s a great platform for showcasing the best of SA hand made products.

How would you say it has impacted your business selling through KNUS?

We like to think that being in the good company of other fantastic SA brands means the awareness and value of our brand has been elevated.

Why would you say it is important for customers to support local?

To make sure that our local economy is as healthy as possible to foster longterm employment and prosperity in our country.