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Meet the artist: Natascha van Niekerk

Meet the artist: Natascha van Niekerk

Est. 2014, The Crags, Plettenberg Bay.

Who is Natascha?

I have a degree in Photography, finished in 2004. I have done so many different things in the Photography genres but my big love has always been to create art for people’s homes. So I took the plunge and launched my art print collection in 2014 with a few exhibitions around Cape Town, and then the online shop in 2015.

What was the idea behind your brand?

The idea behind the brand is to create a space for people to pause and really see all the things nature offers us that we so easily take for granted... The curl of a fern, birds in flight, the stark contrast of tree branches against the sky, the endless intricacies of flowers and plants... Nature offers her medicine freely for those that are able to receive it. 

How many people work at Natascha van Niekerk Fine Art?

At the moment I work alone in the company creating images and all the fun stuff but also doing admin and marketing related tasks, as well as print, package and ship all unframed paper prints. Then I also have a production team in Cape Town that handles all the canvas prints and framing. 

What are your best sellers?

Best sellers has definitely been all the Protea prints in my collection, but the Aloes and Succulents has also done really well. I love muted interior colours and am a bit of a minimalist at heart, so my favourites are the monochrome trees and leaves prints from my collection, like ‘Mansion of the Sky’ and ‘Reaching Trees’ prints.

What is the best part of selling on KNUS?

I love being part of such an amazing collection of local products!

Why would you say it is important for people to support local?

Supporting local small businesses in our current economic climate is so important, but also sometimes tough to do as we can often not compete with the pricing of mass produced and imported products. I think we should gradually shift focus to buying less but quality items.