Our Story

As with all beginnings, ours is a humble one. KNUS started with an idea to sell beautiful handcrafted blankets to the South African market. After months of research, trial and error we realised the effort and determination that goes into handcrafted goods.

We decided to go bigger and create a platform where other local creatives like ourselves could sell their products to the local market.

A place that allows them to focus on what they love – creating. Where the quality and determination that goes into hand crafted products are appreciated and the people behind these products are supported.

A home to a family of beautiful locally handcrafted products.

Today, we have a beautiful online space where shoppers can get over 6000 bespoke locally handcrafted decor and furniture carefully selected from around South Africa all on one platform, without having to search far and wide for that something special, different and truly unique.

Keep an eye on us as we grow to bring you more incredible talent, simplistic design and luxury than you can handle!  

Our Head Office is based in Cape Town, South Africa.


What's in the name ?

KNUS is an Afrikaans word which literally translates to "cosy" & "snug" and is our idea of that special item to warm up any home. It even means to hug in Danish!

KNUS is pronounced with a loud "K" followed with a "nis" sound.  For an better idea - it rhymes with the word THIS! :-)