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The KNUS journey

The KNUS journey

Since our humble beginnings with just two employees, KNUS has grown in just a few short years to a team of ten.

We are so proud to now offer over 20,000 products, which are provided by over 130 phenomenal, local designers.  

After something special? A huge portion of KNUS products are exclusive to us and won’t be found anywhere else.

A commitment to you

A commitment to you

Despite our inspired vision, we aim to keep your shopping experience easy, via a central destination for all your home décor needs.

Simplicity, innovation and interactivity are key to this, and the end result will always be quick, local delivery of an exceptional quality product to your doorstep. 

Our creations are not just aesthetically striking, but also kind in how and where they are made. 

Leading the way for change

Leading the way for change

For us, it starts at home – literally! We are the only South African home décor retailer where 100% of ALL products are locally designed, crafted and delivered. 

When you support KNUS, you help lead the way for change, and make a real impact on the immediate community by showing your local love. Together, we can help create employment opportunities, reduce poverty and make a real difference in each worker’s life.

We believe in better

We believe in better

KNUS is on a mission to put an end to cheap, mass manufacturing. We reject inferior goods from abroad and unsustainable waste. Instead, by keeping business homegrown, we can reduce our carbon footprint, keep quality high, and still keep costs fair.

Plus, we know we have the skills to make everything right here, and show the world what South Africa has to offer!

Full of boundless potential

With every KNUS purchase you contribute directly to embracing beneficial design that elevate your interior with pieces that spark joy, and embody positivity and South African spirit. 

Join us in making a positive impact through 100% local quality design, with zero exceptions. 

What our makers have to say...

Selling through KNUS has given me the opportunity to reach my South African clientele in a way that no other outlet could. The team at KNUS have always been so helpful with getting me to expand my print line and extend my genres with terrific ideas and advice. I truly feel like our relationship is broadening my scope and reach in ways I couldn’t have achieved on my own. It’s tough when you’re doing everything yourself and it really helps having a team like KNUS on your side, getting you to step out of your comfort zone.

Cherie Roe Dirksen

I feel so at home with the brand itself. I feel we are such a good match. KNUS makes everything so easy and convenient, from loading new products to the end of the selling process. And the the people on the other side of the phone calls or emails are always so refreshing and friendly.

Frai Art - Claudie Lubbe

I love selling on KNUS because it’s an easy way to access a larger audience that wouldn’t find normally. I love being alongside such beautiful South African brands too. Selling through KNUS means that I can access a larger market without having to put in the time and effort into marketing and advertising. It’s effortlessly done by being part of the KNUS brand.

Lauren Fowler

With KNUS I have been given an opportunity to access a market that I never thought I'd be able to. Thousands of 'design-minded' people in one place, it's amazing! Also KNUS's product to person services completely cut out any admin that I would need to do apart from making the items, which helps when my laptop is gathering dust whilst I'm elbow deep in mud.


Knus provides South Africans a unique opportunity to support local artisan across South African as a one stop shop. Customers are able to buy from 1 platform and support multiple artisans. While providing artisans a vital platform to showcase their products to potential clients. Access to market remains one of the biggest challenges for Artisans and KNUS provide a business solution to this challenge.