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Let's talk RUGS

Let's talk RUGS

Ever wondered how to style your rugs? Well today's blog is all about our favourite rug styling tips, perfect for any space in your home! 

1. Pairing your rug with your couch 

Since your couch and rug are two of your largest decor items in a room you need to be happy with how they go together. A cool grey couch works well with a rug with warm tones of brown. If you want to make a statement, grey is also neutral enough to work with some bold-coloured rugs. Beige is also a very universal colour and will even work well with other neutrals like cream or white.

Tan or brown couches work well with vintage or bohemian decor. A cool, chocolate brown couch works well with rugs with warm tones of coral, tan or deep red. For a cognac or tan couch green, blue or cool grey rugs work best. 

2. A tip that's good for your pocket 

We all know how expensive and time consuming rug cleaning for this we've got just the trick! Place heavily patterned rugs in high traffic areas to avoid having to clean your rugs weekly. 

3. Choose an irregular shape 

Some smaller spaces require a rug in an irregular shape - think cowhides, faux fur, oval or round. The key is to make sure that the rugs are in proportion to the space as well as your furniture. 

4. Layer, layer, layer 

Layering is perfect for when your rug isn't big enough to cover the space. For example you can layer a larger neutral coloured rug underneath a busier patterned rug. This way you'll be able to use both rugs in your preferred space. 

5. Use rugs to anchor your space 

By placing some of your rugs under your bed or sofa can help anchor the space. A good idea for your dining room is to select a large enough rug to still have the dining chairs on the rug once they are pulled out from the table.  

6. Use different colours and patterns

When selecting rugs think of your rugs like clothing for your specific room. You don't need to select rugs in the exact same colours and patterns. Try mixing different colours and patterns in different scales. You might just be surprised how well different styles work together!

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