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How to create the ultimate kids' room

How to create the ultimate kids' room

Wanting to create a room your little one will love? Then we've got just the tips you will need. You'll be able to tackle this project in no time with these easy tips!

1. Less is more

Don't over clutter the room, by keeping things simple you will have more floorspace open for them to play and you'll have more space open to update the room as your child grows. 

2. Use the space you have

Make the most of your child's room by creating a play zone that can be easily converted to a reading nook or lounge area as they grow older. 

3. Put the focus on play 

As play is an important part of their day, their room should provide just that - a space where they can play! Try adding an indoor swing, a whimsical house-frame bed or even a blackboard or display wall for all their favourite art. 

4. Storage, storage, storage 

As your child will have a lot of clothes, books and toys you will need to double up on storage. Try adding under-the-bed storage crates or baskets or even coat stands can help keep the clutter limited. 

5. Use patterns and textures 

Try combining patterns and textures together. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns of different scales together. For example try pairing polka-dot bedding with a striped storage bin, but the trick here is to keep the colour consistent. 

6. Try adding a kid-friendly work area

Adding a desk or work station where they can do homework will be a clever way to keep your little ones busy. This will also provide a space that they associate with work and helping with mental and physical development.   









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