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Bring on the GREEN

Bring on the GREEN

As the past few years have forced us to strengthen our connection with nature, green has become a very popular colour choice for our homes. Nowadays we want to reconnect with nature, as the increased hours behind a laptop screen have caused us to spend less time outdoors and this has had a noticeable effect. We have turned to nature to find meaning and harmony in our ever changing and uncertain world. 

Exposure to greenery has many benefits which include better focus, increased creativity, better stress management and the improvement of your overall health. No wonder the colour green and its many shades has become such a popular colour choice for our homes. Many people want to create a space where they can relax and feel safe. By bringing the outdoors in you can achieve just that...

Read on for our top tips on how to add green to your home: 

1. Add fresh wallpaper 

If you are ready for a bold change - why not add fresh new green wallpaper to your living room or paint some walls green? This will instantly create a calming atmosphere in your home. The options for furniture and decor items matching a green colour scheme are endless. Green is at the center of the colour wheel which enables you to combine it with warm and cool hues. 

2. Start small 

If you're unsure start small with your bathroom or hallway and incorporate green elements here until you get used to the colour scheme. A good idea might be to add items such as a soap dish, baskets, shelves, a towel rail or even a set of towels as a pop of colour. As you discover which shade of green works best for you, you can add more green to your home. 

3. Plants, plants, plants 

Adding plants to your home will instantly create a connection with nature. As you can't be outside the entire time, you can create the ideal work environment by adding plants to your home office or workspace and bring the outside in. Studies have found that plants make people happier and can improve productivity by 15%. 

4. Make a statement with your sofa 

A green couch might be a big move, but this might just be the statement you need. A green couch combines luxury and character. Adding a few artworks to your space can compliment your green sofa perfectly. For example try adding a big abstract art piece to one wall as the focus will be split between the artwork and the green sofa, adding balance to your space. 

5. Add some fun fabrics 

A great way to incorporate green into your space is by adding fun fabrics. This might include scatter cushions, curtains or upholstered items. At KNUS we have a wide selection of local fabrics available for you to make your very own scatters or upholstered items. 



Emerald Velvet Scatter Cover

Abstract Plum Forest Blocks Velvet Scatter Cushion Cover

Protea Cushion Cover

- Simple Side Table

- Green Air Home Pendant

- West Sofa

- Lick Mirror - Green Crest

- Folding Nesting Table


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