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How to with Mirrors

How to with Mirrors

Mirrors making you mad? Are you wondering how to style them? Where to hang them? How high to hang them? Have you ever considered mirrors as a decor tool in your home? Well, then it's no secret that today's blog is all about mirrors and how to style them. If you want to know more, read on as we have some great tips to share with you!

Adding a mirror to a room will have a huge impact on the appearance of the space, this is an easy way to to make the room appear much larger than it actually is. But you need to know where to place your mirrors to get more out of them as just a place to check your outfit. We have a few fun ideas to help you maximise space and add light to your room with mirrors. 

1. Maximise natural light 

Position is key when it comes to decorating with mirrors. By placing mirrors opposite a window you will maximise natural light. This is a great idea for a small living room, a small dining room or even for a bathroom. Adding a mirror opposite a window will increase the amount of natural light and make the room appear much larger and brighter. 

2. Create visual interest 

By adding mirrors to a wall with other decor pieces you can create the ultimate focal point. You can include big or small mirrors with other decor or art pieces to create your own type of gallery wall. Or why not add lots of different sized mirrors to one about wall goals! Also, a good tip to keep in mind is that round mirrors will soften a space more than square mirrors will. 

3. Reflection 

A good tip when decorating with mirrors is to consider the reflection. You should keep in mind what is going to be reflected in your mirror and decide around that where you want to place it. This is a great way of enhancing one of your favourite furniture pieces or art pieces. By placing your favourite chair opposite your mirror, you'll see it's reflection and even get to appreciate your favourite item much more. 

4. Add that special touch 

As mirrors come in different shapes and sizes they are a perfect fit for all those odd places like the space between two windows or a lovely addition to the wall in your hallway. If your wall still needs that special touch a mirror might just be the thing to add. 

5. Focus on height  

When decorating with mirrors, the height of the mirrors you are working with is an important factor. The height of a mirror will determine where you place them. Mirrors need to be positioned to provide the best possible reflection. If you have a piece of furniture right below your mirror, it's best to hang the mirror closer to the furniture piece as this will show the connection between the two items. If you hang a mirror too high it might feel disconnected from the rest of the room and decor items. 

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