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Make the most of your Space with these 7 Balcony Garden Tips

Make the most of your Space with these 7 Balcony Garden Tips

In the spirit of Garden Day this Sunday, we are sharing a few easy garden tips for you to try. Make the most of your space & transform your balcony garden into a green oasis in no time! Read on for some easy tips to try...

1. Plan your layout

Practice makes around with your layout until you're happy with the entire look and feel of your balcony. If you have big furniture pieces on your balcony, it's important to place your furniture pieces where they won't interrupt the flow of the space, making moving around easy.

2. Think smart 

As most balconies are usually on the smaller scale, it will be beneficial to think smart with your plants and their placements. Try thinking of options that doesn't take up all your floor space. Hanging planters, railing planters, standing planters to name a few options. 

3. Take note of the elements 

This tip links to planning your layout. It's also important to consider all elements like sun and wind on your balcony, as this will determine which plants & planters will work best and where to place them for optimal sunlight and protection from the wind. 

4. Small start 

Starting with only a few plants on your balcony, can be a great start for your balcony garden. This way you'll be able to better manage watering and taking care of a few plants, before adding more to your collection. You'll also be able to see what works and what doesn't. 

5. Add functional furniture 

Furniture that can be folded away will work perfect for a balcony on the smaller scale, plus a table and chairs on your balcony makes a perfect lunch or dinner spot! Or why not add a hammock or swing chair for some extra comfort?

6. Colourful touches 

Colour can bring any space to life, whether inside or outside. Some of our favourite ways to add colour to your outdoor space is through scatter cushions, rugs, blankets or even colourful planters. 

7. Lamps for some atmosphere 

Add a few lamps to your balcony and we promise your next dinner date will be even more special! Nothing creates a homey and relaxed atmosphere more than a few lights in a space, whether inside or outside. 


- Lighting 

- Planters 

- Scatter cushions

- Rugs

- Blankets

- Tables

- Chairs

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