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10 Easy SPRING Cleaning Tips

10 Easy SPRING Cleaning Tips

We thought it might be a good idea to share a few of our favourite SPRING cleaning tips...because let's be honest nothing really beats the feeling of a spotless space! Read on as we're sharing 10 easy spring cleaning tips for you to try.

1. Steam your microwave clean

Clean your microwave from all those food stains by using a microwave-safe bowl with one cup water and a chopped up lemon, lime or orange. Alternatively you could use one cup water with several tablespoons of vinegar. Place the bowl inside, on high for a few minutes until the mixture boils & the window steams. Let the mixture cool inside without opening the door and then wipe the inside clean with a clean cloth. 

2. It might be time to clean those reusable bags 

Don't forget to wash your reusable grocery bags. If they're not machine washable, wash them with a sponge or cloth. Your fruit and vegetables will thank you for it & your bags will look as good as new. 

3. Vacuum behind & under furniture 

You will be surprised by all the dust behind and under your furniture that you miss with your usual vacuum routine. Move your furniture away from the walls and vacuum around and under all your big furniture pieces. It might also be time to vacuum soft furniture and look beneath the big sofa cushions.

4. Bring a bookshelf back to life

Clean your bookshelf by dusting all shelves and books before placing everything back. You can change things up by organising your books by colour, alphabet or even size! By changing the layout of your bookshelf you’ll give any room a new look and feel. 

5. Deep clean your fridge 

Thoroughly cleaning your fridge is never a bad idea. Empty all trays and shelves, wipe and wash the interior with warm soapy water. When you put everything back you also have an opportunity to organise all contents of your fridge! Who doesn’t like a clean, organised fridge?!

6. Dust above

Dust your ceiling fans, pendant lights and other fixtures. As these are usually areas we forget about during our usual cleaning routines. Remember to first dust your ceiling fans and lights before you vacuum, start from top to bottom!

7. Clean your closet 

When you're spring cleaning the house, this is also a great opportunity to clean your closet and to get rid of all your unwanted clothes. Clearing your closet from unwanted clothes will clear up space and help you keep things more organised. And you really don't need that many clothes! 

8. Wash those scatter cushions 

Toss your scatter cushion covers in a hot dryer or hang them outside in the sun for a while. This will definitely give your scatters a fresh feeling, while also getting rid of all the dust mites. 

9. Tackle your medicine cabinet 

This one might give you a headache, but once it's done you'll feel way better! We all know the struggle of finding medicine in a cabinet that's absolute chaos when a child's sick or when someone accidentally cut themselves. 

10. Wash your pet's bed

Your pet's bed is also an item that can easily be overlooked when you're busy spring cleaning. Wash your pet beds in the washing machine or alternatively place them outside in the sun to get rid of all the dust mites. 

Do you have any tips to share with us? Please let us know in the comments below - we would love to hear what your spring cleaning tips are 🧽💕








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