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A picture-perfect PATIO

A picture-perfect PATIO

As SPRING has SPRUNG, most of us are embracing the warmer weather and spending more time outdoors. In today's blog we are sharing some great ideas for creating your picture-perfect patio. Read on and get your outdoor entertainment area guest-ready for all those upcoming braais! 

1. Plants, plants, plants 

A few planters can add to the relaxed and laid-back atmosphere you want to create for your outdoor entertainment area. Choose from hanging planters, wall planters, standing planters or even a combination of these will create the ultimate garden paradise! 

2. Create a cozy nook 

If you don't have much space to play with, add a bench or a few chairs and a table - perfect for you to enjoy your morning cup of coffee before starting your day! A swing chair or bean bag can also be a lovely addition to your patio, something the children will love too. 

3. Colourful cushions 

Incorporate the colours of your garden through your scatter cushion choices. Look for inspiration from flowers, plants and even other design elements in this space. Or go wild and add some colourful designs to brighten up the whole space.

4. A few wall hooks or shelves

Adding a few stylish hooks or shelves can help keep your space organised. Some modern hooks by the pool is perfect for hanging towels or hats. Shelves provide space for pretty planters or other decor elements like candle holders or lamps. 

5. Comfortable furniture 

When selecting furniture for your patio you should keep comfort at the top of your list. Your furniture should be comfortable and inviting. You want this area of your home to be a space where anyone and everyone can feel at home, they should relax and put their feet up. 

6. Light it up

Lights create atmosphere and warmth. Adding statement pendants or wall lights can add style and depth to your patio! Light your patio up with some stunning pendant lights. 

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Let us know if you found this helpful? And if you have anything you want us to write about let us know in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you!🥰


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