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Why design is important - a short read!

Why design is important - a short read!

 Design is about telling stories about your life, your likes, it’s about the energy that flows through your space. What people walk into tells everything about you. Are you an art collector, or a risk taker, do you like colour or are you a minimalist.
The story is an important part of the design in your home & your home is a reflection of who you are.
A few pointers on how to make your space work for you.

Add mirrors to your space to create a sense of dimension. If you add two mirrors on each opposite wall, you can create an infinite space. Mirrors open up the space beyond what you can see.


Play with patterns and texture, find something that you immediately love and work around that. Whether that item is a crazy patterned scatter cushion or a colourful piece of art.  Support that item with toned down colours and work with natural materials such as grass baskets, linen or cotton. Add throws to the corner of your sofa.


Find something that is quintessentially you. Whether that is books or trinkets from your trip in France. Go crazy and lay them out on a coffee table and see what you like and what you don’t like. Simply replace, remove or add more items.


Soften harsh lines with organic shapes like hand made ceramics or wooden carved sculptures or round furniture. If you like clean lines, enhance them with square boxes, big coffee table books or wooden trays.


Layer your lighting. This will create a moody atmosphere that works in your space. Get the layered lighting look by adding table lamps in different shapes and sizes. Bring in floor lights in your corners, candles everywhere and find a pendant light to become the focal point of your space.

These are a few simple ways to create a story in your space. To tell your guests exactly who you are and let the energy flow.

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