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Macrame at home - A quick guide on DIY'ing Macrame!

Macrame at home - A quick guide on DIY'ing Macrame!

This week has brought a lot of inspiration since we have been having to deal with being at home most of the time. It made us enjoy our homes more & with that came a lot of ideas whilst pinning on Pinterest different projects to keep ourselves busy. 
Here's a quick guide that you can try if you want to do something fun. 
Macrame became a very popular design element in the 70's, however, these days it is part of most homes wanting to add a touch of bohemian to their space. It offers your walls texture & warmth. It can be used to hang pots with your favourite house plants or could be lampshades for homes with high ceilings. 
Although it can't be determined where it started, it's generally attributed to Arabian Weavers who used it to finish of loose ends of hand woven textiles. With all the decorative knots, it slowly spread to Europe and sailors commonly used the knotting techniques as a past time whilst traveling about to keep their minds & hands busy on long voyages. 
Here are a few tips on doing your own Macrame at home:
1. If you are going to do a wall hanging, the best pieces to hand the knots from would be a piece of driftwood. Which you can find on your local beach or river front. This adds a fun element and unique touch to the piece. You can also use dowels or steel pipes, whatever you like. 
2. Get string from your local haberdashery. Cotton string is commonly used, and with only one twist. It makes for great fringes when unravelling at the bottom. Just make sure that the string is thick or strong enough if you want to use it as a plant hanger. 
3. Play around with different knots. There are many articles around the different tying techniques and you can find a lot of articles on Pinterest. Start with the easy knots and then play around with the more technical knots. Remember, it's supposed to be fun so start light & go deeper. 
4. Find interesting patterns online and start from there. Pinterest & Youtube is great for finding patterns and step by step tutorials. 
If you like Macrame, there are so many ways of using it. "Knot" only for wall hangings, plant hangers or lampshades, but also for making small mats or scatter cushions, even using Macrame for covering ottomans. 
Even though it makes for a fun past time, perhaps DIY is not your thing. Check out the KNUS Macrame Collection for ready made products. We offer different designs, uses & colours which can be a great design element to add to your space. It's perfect for nurseries, to hang above your bed or sofa & in a dull corner, carrying a perfect potted plant. 


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