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Get the most out of a small bedroom

Get the most out of a small bedroom

Today we're bringing you smart small bedroom decor tips. These tips will make you get the most out of a bedroom that's on the smaller side. Read on for ways to get more out of your bedroom. 

1. Go wild with patterns 

The current trend maximalism, lots of clashing patterns that shouldn't necessarily work together, but do. This trend is great for smaller spaces.  And if you really want to give this a go, but you're a bit hesitant - start with a single colour palette & mix up the patterns. 

2. Wow with wallpaper 

Wallpaper is another way to make an impact with patterns in your bedroom. And a great small bedroom decor tip is to decorate the 'fifth' wall. Decorate the walls and ceiling with the same wallpaper, this will create a cosy feeling. 

3. Be dramatic 

Naturally people don't even consider dark colours, as most are convinced they will make a small space look and feel even smaller, but today we're telling you a dark theme can create a dramatic feel. If your bedroom has enough natural light, this decor tip will work great for your space. 

4. Save space with wall lights 

Adding wall scones is great, as you save floor space by not having to add pedestals or lamps next to your bed. This way your space will look a lit less cluttered too. 

5. Add a full-width headboard

Adding a headboard that runs the width of the room will trick the eye across the room, creating the illusion that the bedroom is wider than it actually is. 

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