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How to with open shelving

How to with open shelving

Open shelves is a great way to save floor space and a great opportunity to put your tidiness to the test! Everything that's placed on your open shelves will be visible, which can either be a good or bad thing. If you want to know how to style your open shelves, today's blog is for you! 

1. Stick to a theme  

When selecting items for your open shelves, whether it's in your kitchen or living room sticking to a theme is a good place to start. Stick to neutral heus and if you still want to add a bit of colour it might be best to add a single pop of colour. Turn your open shelves into a pantry or coffee bar - this will enable you to stick to a theme, plus no one will need to search for the items as they'll be easy to reach.


2. Repetition

Repeating similar items across your open shelves is a great tip. This will create a cohesive look & feel in your space. You don't have to create identical looks for all your open shelves, sticking to the same elements and textures will do the trick!

3. Create visual interest

Focussing on balance when decorating your open shelves is the way to create visual interest. Balance will prevent your open shelves from looking cluttered and disorganised. Balance is achieved by projecting a larger visual impact through layers and layers of decorative items. Your goal with decorative items should be to take the eyes upwards and downwards - this will create a strong visual impact. 

4. Blend it in 

You can also choose to blend your shelves with the wall colour by selecting shelving in the same colour as your walls. This way your shelving won't be as attention grabbing, but will still be there. 

5. When in doubt - GREEN it out 

When you don't really know how to start styling your shelves - adding greenery to your space is never a bad idea. This way you can add texture with different houseplants. 

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