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An open plan living room you'll love...

An open plan living room you'll love...

As you spend most of your time as a family in your living room you can make it even better by making it an open plan living room. An open plan living room will make a home feel more sociable and inclusive. We have some great ideas to create an open plan living room the whole family will let's get to it and make your living room the perfect family room!

1. Section off different areas 

Furniture is an easy way to differentiate between the different areas of a living room. If you have a large window in your living room place your dining table and chairs close to the window for lovely natural lighting. And if you have a fireplace in your living room place your sofa or chairs close to the fire place as this will create a more relaxed section in your living room. 

2. Play with colour, patterns and textures 

Colour, patterns and textures can also help to section off an open plan living room, while also still tying everything together perfectly. You can paint a wide door frame or arch the same colour as the wall of a different section to keep a cohesive theme running throughout your living room.

3. Turn to mother nature

Adding some greenery is also one of the easiest ways to connect different areas within an open plan living room. If your kitchen connects with your living room add a few plants here and there and you'll see how the entire room connects as a whole.

4. Comfort is key 

As the living room is most likely to be used by the entire family - comfort is key. You want the living room to be a room that screams comfort, a room that is warm the whole year round irrespectively what the season is. Choose furniture pieces that's comfortable and add rugs and scatter cushions for some texture. 

5. Be clever with storage 

Clutter can be a problem in a living room as everyone in the family is using this room, therefore it's a clever idea to put shelving units, bookcases or cabinets in your living room. This way you'll have ample space to place some objects and keep the clutter to a minimum. 










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