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Let's update your laundry room

Let's update your laundry room

Who loves doing laundry? For most of us this is a boring task, but let's face it, it's something that needs to be done! What's great is that it's possible to make this task a little less boring by creating a laundry room you won't like but will love! In today's blog we're sharing some great laundry room tips. Who knows after your laundry room update you might just begin to love doing laundry & we won't blame you!

1. Use colour and patterns

Adding colour and patterns through paint or wallpaper can take the focus off the boring appliances in your laundry room. This will also making being in your laundry room less of a punishment when you enjoy the colour scheme, so choose something you like and doing laundry will already be less boring!

2. Be clever with storage

Adding enough storage options is a great tip to keep in mind for your laundry room as this will help your laundry room stay clutter free. We suggest adding wall hooks, wall shelves and baskets for enough space to put your detergents, cleaning supplies, ironing and sewing supplies. Also remember to keep the products and items you use regularly close by, ensuring that they are easy to reach in a cupboard or on top of a shelf. 

3. Make it a sensory experience 

You might as well add some lovely scents to your laundry room and make it a sensory experience for all. Add some room spray or linen spray, diffusers or candles to create just the right atmosphere for doing laundry. You'll feel a lot less sorry for yourself when there's a few candles and some lovely scents around you!

4. Plants, plants, plants 

You can never go wrong with a few plants. They work in any space and immediately brings life into a room. If you're still developing those green fingers add a fake plant, they work just as good as a real fern. 

5. Add some personality 

Make your laundry room a room you'll enjoy by adding art works or photos to those walls. This will instantly give your laundry room an upgrade while also making it more personal and warm. 

6. Add seating 

We all know "THE CHAIR", the one in the corner of your room with all our clothes that you're too lazy to pack away...well we're not talking about that chair but rather seating for the family or for yourself if you need a little break from all the laundry! Add an arm chair or a bench and some scatter cushions to your laundry room. This way you might make this a new spot for after school chats with your kids! 










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