Shipping & packaging procedure

KNUS Packaging & Shipping guidelines and process

  • Packaging, sealing and preparation of boxes are vital to the protection of the content against damage and pilferage. Point-of-sale and retail packaging is not sufficient for transportation and handling in the shipping network and additional packaging should be provided. Packages needed to be properly sealed before handing over to the courier and is the sender’s responsibility.

  • Please note that since the courier calculates shipping based on the greater of actual weight or volumetric weight, please keep the packaging as small as possible without damaging the product by squeezing it into a box as vibration passing through the box can damage the content.

  • Sufficient cushioning should be used to prevent items from any movement within the box. A 25mm cushioning is recommended between the wall of the box and the item to minimize damages that may be caused in the shipping process.

  • Products packaged together in the same box should be individually wrapped and separated by dividers or cushioning.

  • Recommended types of cushioning include bubble wrap, air pillows, foam corners, corrugated inserts & polystyrene / polystyrene pallets.

  • Heavier items need to be packaged into reinforced boxes with proper sealing methods to ensure the box can withstand the weight of the contents.

  • Sharp points should be covered by either bubble wrap or corrugated box and securely taped onto the item.

  • Should you be shipping a fragile or breakable item. The item must be Protected with corrugated carton box and must have re-enforced carton corners.
  • Boxes can be closed by taping, stapling or strapping. Proper taping methods should be used to securely seal the parcel and ensure the box can withstand the weight of the contents.

    Please note that KNUS will provide you with an emailed waybill that you need to print out and attach to the product. The waybill sleeve will be provided to you by the courier upon collection.

    Please also ensure a FRAGILE (more than one if you can) and THIS WAY UP (if applicable) sticker is placed on the package and clearly visible. This can also be provided by the courier upon collection.

    If you need any further guidelines on shipping or need more help PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly point you in the right direction.

    Please also note that we use Dawn Wing, Time Freight and Courier IT as couriers so you may not always get the same courier company collecting from you.

    All packages will always be scheduled for collection between 8 – 5 Monday – Friday, however the courier company will contact you to ensure you are available before collection.

KNUS as well as our courier will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of insufficient or inappropriate packaging.

The sender remains responsible for ensuring shipment packaging is adequate for transportation.

The KNUS shipping guidelines includes but is not limited to the above guidelines and will also include the agreed terms as per signed supplier agreement. 

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