Michou Bowls by Michou Osterwald


Each piece is an artwork, a one of a kind object that serves to be enjoyed purely for its aesthetic innovation and unusual partnership of exciting and exotic materials.

Michou bowls are hand carved by men from various parts of southern Africa. Jacaranda, Wild Olive and Zimbabwean Teak are used.
Indonesian Teak bowls and large Indian Vessels have been included into the collections to compliment the African bowls. Various precious metals are used to create these bowls: 23,75 carat gold leaf, red gold, platinum-gold, genuine silver leaf or green golds made up of special alloys.
Michou bowls employs the ancient Egyptian water-gilding method: gesso base, bole underground, shot with precious leaf and either burnished to a high polish or treated to remain matt.

Bowls are made from gold- or silver-leaf. Some are additionally painted with casein paint.
On some pieces the case are left dead matt, on some the paint are burnished.Some bowls are oiled or waxed and some are left as raw as the original carver made them.
Each bowl is unique. Each piece requires many hours of labour. There are no shortcuts in water-gilding.
The gold and silver used is molten, milled, beaten and hand-lifted into booklets, leaf for leaf at 0.000125mm thinness, just as it has been done for thousands of years. All the different golds and the silver used plus the tools are procured from J G Eytzinger in Schwabach, Southern Germany.
The bowls have no function other than to please the eye. In their imperfection lies their beauty.