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Important COVID-19 notice

KNUS Covid-19 notice

Update: 14 May 2020


We are extremely happy to confirm that as of Thursday 14 May we are allowed  to sell and ship all our products again with immediate effect!

This means all orders placed during and before the lockdown that is complete or in stock will be sent out immediately and all other handmade products will be sent out as they are completed by our talented craftsmen.  

Kindly take note manufacturing only started again on 4 May so certain products may still be in the production process and will be sent as soon as they are complete :-)

Please note to practice social distancing and remember to wear a mask when accepting your order and whilst all our makers are practicing the utmost care and safety while making your product, we recommend that you still sanitise all products to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  

KNUS is proud to be at the forefront of supporting our local industries and economy and since we proudly only sell products that are manufactured locally, your support plays a HUGE part to reduce the social and economic hardship caused by the pandemic and we need you now more than ever to help rebuild our local industries.  

We thank you again for your continued support and kudos to you for supporting local!

Update: 4 May 2020


Great news!  We are now shipping bedding & blankets! 

*As manufacturing only started today, lead times will apply as per normal from today for those bedding & blankets not immediately in stock and shipped as soon as it's ready.

All other products purchased now or during lockdown will be manufactured from today with standard lead times applying, but shipped once we reach level 3 or once otherwise indicated by the Government.  

If you’re unsure how your order will be affected, please feel free to contact our support team and we will help as best we can! 

Update: 28 April 2020


According to the president’s recent speech, South Africa is set to reduce lockdown to Level 4 from 1 May 2020.  That being said, different provinces, districts and metros may be subjected to different Coronavirus levels, taking into account Covid-19 case numbers and rates of infections.

This means that all workshops situated in those areas moving down to level 4, will be allowed to start manufacturing up to a maximum of 20% capacity which means we can indeed start making some product(s)! 

We will however only be allowed to ship all products once we hit level 3 as this is when online stores are allowed to ship again.  In the meantime though, sit back and relax as our craftsmen are eager to start making your beautiful products so that it will be ready to ship as soon as the gates open for shipping!   

Keep in mind that as products are all made in different workshops in different areas (and thus Coronavirus levels), some products may be finished and shipped sooner than others and you will receive a shipping update for each individual product in your order to let you know once it is on its way.  

Do take in account however, standard lead times will still apply from when manufacturing of your product starts :-)

If you’re unsure how your order will be affected, please feel free to contact our support team and we will help as best we can! 


Update: 17 April 2020

Almost there!

In line with the extension of the South African lockdown until 30 April 2020, our workshops and dispatch services remain closed until the lockdown has been lifted and all orders placed during lockdown will be processed / shipped after lockdown ends with standard lead times applying.  

Our support staff continues to operate and we are still here to answer any queries and take new orders, you will just get your item(s) a bit later!

Thank you for your continued support of our local makers during this time :-)


Update: 24 March 2020


As you all know, South Africa will be on lockdown for all non essential goods and services from midnight 26 March until 16 April.

Whilst this affects KNUS directly, we would like to let you know that we are still here and our support staff continue to operate, but we will just not be able to hand make and / or deliver your product right now. 

KNUS will remain open and take new orders during lockdown, however all these orders will only be dispatched or manufactured once the lockdown period has ended with standard lead times applying. 

In other words, you can still buy online now but you will just get your item a bit later. :-)

As KNUS provides non essential products our workshops and manufacturers are forced to shut down until the lockdown has been removed which means that any existing orders still in production by the time that the lockdown takes effect on Friday 27 March, will only be able to be completed and delivered after the lockdown period has ended. 

We aim to fulfill as many outstanding orders as possible before the lockdown takes effect on Friday 27 March, but will not be able to complete all orders with longer lead times.  

We are unable to give you exact dispatch dates for the affected orders as this is such a fluid time, but we will be in further communication once the lockdown has ended with a clear indication as to anticipated completion dates / and or dispatch dates.  

If you are unsure whether your order will be affected, please contact our support team who will be available Monday - Friday 09:00am - 17:00pm on 087 550 7600 or drop us an email on .  


We urge you to continue supporting local businesses and be understanding and flexible about existing and new order statuses.  These are very uncertain times for all South Africans and we ask you to show compassion.  

Our support team are working normal hours and we are here should you have any questions or queries about your order.  


16 March 2020:


Please note that due to the current COVID-19 outbreak in South Africa your order may have an extended lead time or have a delayed delivery date.

Due to various factors outside of our control all lead times are currently just an indication and may not be accurate or may change and we ask you to please be patient and flexible.

At this stage our workshops and couriers are still working as usual but should this situation change and your order be affected, we will immediately notify you.

Our transport partners have assured us that they are implementing basic hygiene procedures to ensure all of them and those they come in contact with stay safe and healthy, but please do ensure you yourself also follow all necessary hygiene precautions when accepting packages from any courier.

Please note we are not saying that your order will definitely be affected, however we wish to be proactive and inform you of possible delays.

Our number one priority is the safety of our customers, staff, craftsman and transport partners so please be understanding.

Our support team are working normal hours and we are here should you have any question or queries about your order.

We ask you to continue to support your local and smaller suppliers as this is when they need support the most and thank you for your support thus far!

KNUS Management