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Meet the maker: The Streets

Meet the maker: The Streets

Est 2013 in Pietermaritzburg, KZN.

Who is The Streets?

Husband & Wife team, we design our own products, and manufacture in-house. We are passionate about innovating everyday furniture pieces, and creating beautiful items, mostly for homes, but also in office, retail or restaurant spaces.

What was the idea behind your brand?

Furniture, while not on the top of the Maslo’s hierarchy of needs, is a need in everyone’s life, and we saw a niche for modern, beautiful, affordable yet bespoke items that would last a lifetime.

How many people work for you?

We have 5 amazing people working for us

What are your best sellers?

Our bestsellers are Hairpin Legs, and our Scandi Mirrors & Mid Century-style pieces, Industrial Chairs

What is YOUR favourite product of your collection?

Definitely the Skool Chair & Family

What to you is the best thing about selling on KNUS?

Opening up our brand to more viewers & being put alongside other South African creatives and makers is an honour.

How would you say it has impacted your business selling through KNUS?

It’s still early days, but we like that we have sold items on KNUS in our first month already 😆

Why would you say it is important for customers to support local?

Small businesses are the backbone and future of our country. We also pride ourselves in the quality and workmanship that goes into each piece. We really do a happy dance for each order we receive, so you’re impacting REAL people and their employees lives when you support local.