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What Home Office Style Suits You Best?

With so many styles of decor and countless ways to design your home office, you should be asking the right questions before making your final choice.
If you love a colourful home, you might want to create a quiet, refined home office. Do you want a place of Inspiration? Will you only use it for admin or do you want to find calm?
Find out what you want by being inspired with these different home offices.
1. The Retro Office
This space incorporates antique furniture, flea market finds or thrift store goodies. BUT, if you have a larger budget, look at pieces like the Oryx White Desk or the D1 Desk.
For accessories, play around with vintage prints for the walls, add an interesting accent lighting piece. Do not over clutter though. 
2. The Arty Office
You are in love with colours and textures. Heavy wall decoration in the form of a mood board or a selection of staged posters, magazine cutouts and other illustrations.
In this office, add a mix of different designer items like interesting pen holders, wall storage and lots of plants with stunning planters. Baskets are a great add on too!

The Trendy Office

A trendy office can be imagined with the focus on new trends in the home decor industry. This promotes lots of clean design, geometric shapes, adding metallics to the space like these mirrors & lamps.

Here you can bring in modern shelving for your books or files. Add abstract art prints to the wall framed in modern wooden frames and there you have a trendy office.

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