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Wallpaper! Don’t be afraid…..just have fun with it.

Wallpaper! Don’t be afraid…..just have fun with it.

Put your Wallpaper Hat On!
Blog by Marion Melfi Interiors for KNUS Home Decor.
There are many different decorative materials you can use to create simple changes with a big impact in your home. I think wallpaper has an amazing offering to do just that! Wallpaper has been around for centuries, but new technology has taken this classic decorative material to a whole new level. There are so many options available today with different types of patterns, colour as well as texture . Just don’t be afraid! For most when you hear the word ‘wallpaper’ you have instant flashbacks of your grandparents over done florals and dated motifs covering almost all the walls in their home. But fear not, there are great ways to incorporate wallpaper in your home in sleek and modern ways for a great visual impact.
Here are three areas in your home that you can start to explore the power of wallpaper with:
Powder rooms and bathrooms are a great places to use wallpaper if you want to spruce up the facilities in your home. These are also the perfect areas to start to experiment with wallpaper as they are normally the smaller spaces in the home which will mean a small step into the wallpaper investment direction. Have a little fun and inject some personality which will put a smile on your face whenever you use the lavatory.
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If you are thinking of doing something in your kids room, maybe change his/her room into a place that is a bit more fun, imaginative or creative. Wallpaper would do just the trick. Installing a bold wallpaper in your kids bedroom will create an environment that is enjoyable, especially in transitioning phases from a crib to a big bed. This time can be troublesome so why not help the situation by making their room a place they want to be. It also works for adolescents and teens as well – look into their hobbies for inspiration.
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Your dining room can truly serve as the heart of the home: it’s where you gather with family and friends, it’s where you entertain, its where you delight in a shared meal. But it is not always a priority to make a statement when decorating your home. Wallpaper in a dining room can create a specific mood or visual impact when entertaining. For the more bold choices your dinning room wallpaper may be a topic of conversation on your guests' drive home.
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So now you’re ready to take the dive into the world of wallpaper!
Here are some tips to remember:
- My biggest concern about wallpaper is the installation. The best solution is to get the professionals to install for you. I have come across so many people who have invested in beautiful wallpaper with the idea of installing it themselves and it has almost always gone horribly wrong. SO please call the professionals!
- Make sure to also contact an industry professional to help you in your decision of what wallpaper to purchase as there are a lot of options out there with varying quality, application requirements and specific environmental factors. 
Our KNUS Support Agents are here to answer your questions! 
This blog was written by Marion from Marion Melfi Interiors for KNUS Home Decor. 
Instagram: @marion.melfi.interiors





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