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The Maker Studio - From Kiln to Dinner Table

The Maker Studio - From Kiln to Dinner Table

Lines in Sand

This collection is Made for KNUS by the amazing Kilnhouse Design Studio.
Exclusively available on KNUS. 
Exclusive KNUS Dinnerware
The thought process.
When taking on the exercise of designing a new range of dinnerware, we consider the responsibility of creating something that will most likely define a home, its memories and celebrations for years to come. I think back to my Granny’s dinners and her brown dinnerware always happens to pop into the picture. Lines in Sand is very much a representation of a range that memories can be made around.
Exclusive KNUS dinnerware
Functional, neutral and soft was our initial feeling for aesthetic and we created Shoreline, a specific clay to make that happen. Lines in Sand is meant to be a quiet addition, something different to our Spilled milk and Speckle ranges (we love them dearly though), however it speaks more to simplicity and gentle structure.
KNUS dinnerware
Each line determines a vessel’s place and size in the product range. For instance, an espresso cup being the smallest vessel in a collection of cups has a single line, where the largest 300ml cup has three lines – decorative with a function. The lines also explore boundaries and borders, something we as humans love to create and define, they represent the ‘mark’ we want to make in the home décor and ceramics industry.
KNUS exclusive dinnerware
The Process of creating.
We start the whole making process with a lump of clay. It’s hand-thrown on a pottery wheel (no mass production machines here) to its desired dimension and shape. Once these vessels dry for a day or two they are then trimmed to remove excess weight and to further define the shape. Once trimming is complete, we let each vessel dry out completely before firing them twice – once to convert the clay from a raw to ceramic material and a second time to add the glass surface on the functional side of the vessel.
KNUS exclusive ceramics
Each step is done by hand with an attention to detail that comes from a passion that is deeply rooted in quality and slow-production. Each piece has a combined hour of hand work (in different stages) and 48 hours in heat work from lump to lunch… and breakfast and dinner. If you think about it that’s only 12 items in a working day (I still can’t seem to get out of the studio in 8).
KNUS pottery
When I set my table (product testing is key, its one of my favourite parts of the job!), I like to pair the Lines in Sand range with simple, clean glassware, neutral linen, warm wood tones and candle light. Think wind rushing through the bushveld or scrunching sea sand between your toes. The plate is a canvas and a chef, whether they are in a restaurant or at home, should be able to use their dinnerware rather than be restricted by it.
KNUS dinnerware exclusive
About Nicola, the maker.
KNUS maker studio
"I’m Nicola and I am a designer-maker at heart. Kilnhouse is my shot at expressing that spirit within me. Kilnhouse is a small scale production and custom design studio focused on creating ceramic goods that are both unique and boundary pushing."
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