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A Fabric Bank Spotlight! The "How To" guide on Fabric Per Meter!

A Fabric Bank Spotlight! The "How To" guide on Fabric Per Meter!

How to Utilise Fabric Per Meter!

At KNUS, Fabric Bank has an exclusive design range available for customers to order as a printed fabric per meter.
All of the exclusive designs are available on either a cotton or polyester upholstery base fabric.
Pro-tip: Polyesters have a higher rub count and are great for high traffic or heavy weary areas eg couch upholstery, curtains, headboards etc. Cottons, with the lower rub count, are better suited to low traffic areas or decor smalls such as scatter cushions, lamp shades, chair backs etc.
The designs in the KNUS fabric range are all complimentary in colour so allow customers to mix and match as they please. Once you've placed your order for your favourite designs, here are some ideas and tips on how to get creative with the fabric and roughly how much you will need of it.
1. Make your own scatter cushions.
You can use your custom printed fabric/s to make your very own personalised scatter cushions. Pair a printed fabric cushion front with a plain backing fabric to allow for a more cost effective solution. To make 4 scatter cushion fronts (cushions size 60x60cm) you will need approx 1,5m worth of printed fabric. If you would like for the front and back of the cushions to both have print, order 3m to make sure you have enough for CMT (cut, make and trim) To really make your scatter cushions stand out, add your favourite trims such as pompoms, piping or fringes for a unique and personal touch.
Pro-tip: How to Style Your Scatter Cushions  

Scatter cushions are the best way to change up your space without breaking the bank! They make a bold statement in any space and are a great way to showcase your own personal style.

When selecting scatter cushions for your own home, here are a few things to consider before making your purchase:

-Are they the right size and shape for the area/position you are wanting to highlight? While there are no set rules for this, you do want to make sure that your cushions actually fit on your armchair/ sofa or bed without being too bulky.

-Mix it up. Make use of various patterns, colours and textures to create a unique and personal arrangement that reflects your own taste and style.

-Consider the fabric composition. Cottons, velvets and softer feeling fabrics are always a comfortable and practical choice.

When it comes to styling your scatter cushions, there are no rules. Get creative but be mindful of the end look you would like to achieve. Again it's always best to mix things up and layer your cushions to create an interesting and eye catching setting. 
scatter cushions on knus
2. Custom curtains.
You can order set lengths of the same printed fabric to make your very own custom curtains to add a personal touch to any space. Measure the height from your existing curtain rod to the floor and add in an extra 20cm to ensure you have enough fabric for CMT (cut, make and trim). The printed width of the custom fabrics is 140cm so we suggest you allow for 2 full fabric lengths (drops) to create a beautiful set of custom printed curtains.  You can add a simple eyelet finish or traditional tape to install the curtains in your home. 
KNUS fabrics
Check out these stunning Limited Edition curtains, exclusively made for KNUS by Fabric Bank.
knus curtains
From the designer: Sir Abner Makgamatha 
"What started out as a fashion showcase fitting session, quickly turned into the curiosity of discovering the beauty of what lies between the process and organic feeling of the relationship that ties intuition, the wearer and design together. The Dreamcatcher curtain is to imagine and transcend the essence of exploring a garment into what it wants to be and who it chooses, just like the honest consciousness of one’s dreams”.
curtains knus
3. Upcycling old furniture.
Any outdated  furniture with worn and torn upholstery will look a million times better with a bit of TLC and some beautiful new fabric. Always order slightly more than you think you will need to make sure you have enough to upholster around the edges. From chair backs and seats to custom covered headboards. You can really get creative and liven up a space with a few small changes. 
Get creative with your design selections from the Fabric Bank fabric per meter range at KNUS. 
Check out their process & behind the scenes...
Instagram: @fabricbank_
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