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You've probably heard that texture is the new talk of the town? And maybe you're unsure how to achieve this look? In today's blog we will be tackling the trend and how to achieve that perfect textured look in your home with a few KNUS products.

Adding texture to a room can make a big difference in how a specific room in your home is perceived. A room with texture can feel more welcoming, interesting and even more enjoyable. So if you want to learn a few new decor tips, read on as we tackle texture! 

1. Add a wall hanging or some art

A macrame wall hanging or even wood and macrame is an easy way to add some texture to a room. Even a few baskets against a wall is an easy way to achieve this look. And if you want to add texture with different types of wall art and create a gallery wall - this can also work perfectly! 

2. Mix up some textiles 

This might just be one of the easiest ways to add texture to a room...mix textiles from rugs, scatters, blankets and throwers to upholstered items. Mix different fabrics together such as velvet, leather, wool, silk, cotton and linen. For example pair a leather couch with some velvet scatters and chunky blankets...and there you have it a room full of TEXTURE!

3. Patterns, patterns, patterns

Don't be afraid to add some bold patterns to your room. An easy way to add texture is through bold patterned scatters, as this does not require a lot of commitment you can easily change your scatter cushion covers.

4. Lights

You might not consider lights for texture, but adding lights to a room can completely transform it. Lights are a great tool to add more layers and create a room with lots of texture. Use a combination of pendants, wall scones and ceiling lights. 

5. Add some indoor plants

Once again plants are on the list...and this also is a lovely way to add some elements of nature and texture to your space. And best part is that you can move your plants around and change their placement every once in a while. Small succulents or hanging plants is an inexpensive way to add texture! Adding a pretty rattan basket even better! 


- Baskets 

- Scatters

- Pendant Lights

- Art Prints and Wall Art 

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