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Shining the spotlight on: The Artisan

Shining the spotlight on: The Artisan

Today we sitting with Jovan & Ingrid, founders of The Artisan: the makers of a modern and locally-designed range of lamps. Jovan is a  senior architectural technologist with a passion for beautiful, functional design and an eye for detail, and decided to start The Artisan in 2013. Later joined by Ingrid Auret, interior designer by qualification, freelance exhibition designer by trade. Together they are building a brand that promises continuous innovation, inspiration and satisfied shoppers. Let's get to know them a little better...

Q: Where are you based?

A: We are based on a lovely small holding just outside of Stellenbosch

Q: What year was The Artisan start founded?

A: 2013, in Somerset West.

Q: Who is “The Artisan”?

A: The Artisan is our founder and owner, Jovan Geldenhuys. Qualified as an architect who was looking to trade in the desk job and challenge his creative side.

Q: What was the idea behind your brand?

A: The Artisan started because we realised we couldn't, at that stage, find affordable lighting by local designers. We wanted to cater to that specific market and started designing and prototyping.

Q: How many people work for you?

A: We are a small team of 3 permanent staff and 2 casuals who help out during busier months.

Q: What are your best sellers?

A: The lamps with Kiaat wood bases (Teardrrop Woodbase Table Lamp), generally. On Knus, the customers love the marble (The Table Lamp) and the curvature lamp.

Q: What is YOUR favourite product of your collection?

A: The Dome floor lamp.

Q: Why would you say it is important for customers to support local? 

A: Our economy desperately needs it, the more we support local, the more jobs can be created, and we have amazing talent in this country!



1. Teardrop Wood Base Table Lamp

2. The Table Lamp

3. The Dome Floor Lamp

4. The Large Basket Pendent

5. The Curvature Table Lamp 

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