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Sharing the love of sustainability & local design!

Sharing the love of sustainability & local design!

This week we're having an in depth chat with Lisa & Claire from Ilovani Furniture. 
Their workshop & showroom are located outside Plettenberg Bay, surrounded by some of the world’s most pristine and beautiful natural forests. The influence and inspiration of nature’s garden on the company is obvious.
Nature inspired and Ilovani listened, translating this into a message of craftsmanship, quality and unique character. The sculptural appeal of the natural wood combined with the passion of our designers and artisans gives the ‘Ilovani’ range artistic licence!
We've asked them a few questions about their process & why local is important. 
Q: What is Ilovani's mission?
 A: Ilovani is about maintaining a sustainable wood waste recovery programme, so as not to waste any of our precious natural resources, whilst being innovative in design & functionality. 
They are passionate about sustainability & implementing recovery programs - creating home ware & utilising redundant 'wine barrel oak' in functional design.
Q: As a local business, you get the opportunity to support local workers, how many employees do you support? 
A: Currently, we have 9 employees in total. Helping us in the workshop, showroom & office.
Q: What is your favourite product in your collection?
A: I think the item I would like to take home are our Bevelled Retro coffee and side tables.
Q: What to you is the best thing about selling on KNUS & what impact does it have on your business? 

A: KNUS promotes our products to a different audience than what we do, and we get great orders from you. The impact selling on a platform like KNUS is that we get constant orders from a complete different audience and it shows. 

Browse through their collection on KNUS. 



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