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Q & A - Spotlight on Sett & Beat

Q & A - Spotlight on Sett & Beat

This week we are chatting to Sandi, and her daughter Camilla, the founders or Sett & Beat, a conscious textile studio, based in Cape Town. They have seamlessly interwoven their passions for textiles and sustainability to create a place for craftsmanship in the 21st Century.

Q: So, who is “Sett & Beat”?

A: Sett & Beat is a mother & daughter brand that, like many creative endeavours, grew out of a hobby and passion. Having grown up on a sheep farm in Victoria West, South Africa, Sandi took an interest in fibres and textiles in her twenties. She's been weaving for over 45 years. In 2020, her daughter Camila decided to join her and combine their passions for textiles, handwork and sustainability to form Sett & Beat, a conscious textile studio.

 Q: What was the idea behind your brand

A: We are very passionate about the planet and our natural environment and we are also very passionate about making things with our hands. So we designed a brand that would help us to be active participants in the change that needs to take place in the world with regards to consumption and the planet, while fulfilling our creativity. We believe it's possible to create a world where humans are in harmony with natural resources, that people can find appreciation for everyday things again, and that we can all slow down a bit. By offering exclusive and limited edition handwoven products and by partnering with responsible suppliers we hope to contribute to these beliefs. We choose raw materials that are better for the environment and are truly conscious about our processes.

 We also saw a gap in the market that only a small textile studio can fill. Bespoke textiles. Making custom products is what we love doing at Sett & beat. It's the beauty of hand weaving, although the processes are time consuming, we are able to produce special and unique fabrics and home decor products. So we love experimentation and when people have ideas that they want to share with us or collaborate with us.

 Q: How many people work for you,

A: We are two founders that have one trainee weaver.

 Q: What are your best sellers?

A: Our Mohair throws for sure, and the Baranasi cushions! People seem to love the bright colours of these recycled silk cushions.

Q: What is YOUR favourite product of your collection,

A: The Erindi Placemats; we both gravitate towards earthy dark colours and raw textures. They're made using hemp, bamboo and reeds.

Q: What to you is the best thing about selling on KNUS?

A: Knus has impeccable customer service and are very professional and friendly to work with. Most importantly; we get to do what we love doing, designing, weaving, making, and styling!

Q: Why would you say it is important for customers to support local

A: We believe that small local businesses make the world turn around, around 60% of SA's GDP is made from small business. We are the stuff that holds everything together, communities, a sense of purpose, creativity, by nature we are more socially and environmentally sustainable. By spending money that stays in the country we all benefit, it's a long term outlook, think of our children and the South Africa that we want them to have. 


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