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Our best beach house decor tips

Our best beach house decor tips

In today's blog we're bringing you easy tips for incorporating coastal style into your home. Whether your home is actually at the beach or quite far from the sea, these easy coastal decor tips will work their magic! 

1. Bring a bit of the outdoors in through natural materials 

You will remember the days of decorating with seashells, starfish and other sea elements and you might still be using these in your beach house...But why not try a more modern approach to bringing the outdoors in through rattan furniture or other weaved decor elements. This is also a great way to incorporate textures into your space, making your home a warm welcoming, relaxed one - perfect for a beach house. 

2. Less might be more 

You don't have to decorate the entire house with surfboards and shells. In many instances using less is more and in this case less of an intense and overpowering beach theme might be better. You can still create the coastal look with a few special touches. One of our favourite KNUS pieces for a beach house is the Umuntu Surfboard Coffee Table with Black Pattern - a beautiful modern coffee table for your beach house!

3. Look around for inspiration 

Beach house decor does not necessarily mean blue and white stripes or even blue and white for that matter. Look around for elements that you would like to draw inspiration from.The greens, greys even pink, yellow and orange colours can work. 

4. Say yes to negative space 

A beach house should feel relaxed and casual - a place to put your feet up, read a book, take a nap and enjoy the sea breeze! Cluttering a beach house takes away from the relaxed and causal feeling you want to create. If you have negative space in your home, embrace it! You 'll keep a space evenly-balanced by allowing some negative space. 

5. Don't neglect your outside area

Don't forget about your outside entertainment area, comfortable seating like swing chairs or pouffes work great on a deck or stoep plus this also creates the idea of a warm welcoming space as guests enter your home. This can also be a fun way to incorporate some colour to your home, especially if you have a predominately white exterior. 

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Share your beach house decor tips with us - we'd love to hear!🫶

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