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Curating Your Home Office

Curating Your Home Office

We are living in a time where remote work situations are on the rise and the traditional office is falling away. If you are among those working from home, it can be daunting as you have so many distractions. But with a few simple design steps, you can easily curate the best office to suit your needs.
Add a desk to the room. This will be the area where most of the business will take place.
Place it against the wall, or in a nook by a window. You will want to have as much natural light close to you as it will make your work environment more enjoyable and productive plus it will reduce eyestrain when you can peek outside.

Get the right fit.
Find a comfortable seat that will support your back as well as your bum. You will be spending around 6 hours of your work day in your seat while you type away on your laptop. Get a seat that is set in the same position instead of a chair on wheels. You will stay focused & will not be rolling to fridge every hour.


Now that we have the basics covered. Let’s look at decluttering or clutter management. The best start to your day will be with a clean desktop & a cup of coffee. By managing the clutter around your desk area, it will keep distractions at bay and the first few hours will be over quick sticks. 
Have somewhere to park some of your essentials like your phone, keys, stress balls and other miscellaneous items that will otherwise be laying around. By using wooden plates, pencil holders & decorative trays it is easy to keep clutter curated.


Creative curating.

Now, you can create a curated designer space with pretty essentials like art, baskets, plants and soft seating.

Everything that you now surround yourself with in your office, need to ignite joy within yourself. Add frames with your favourite art prints on your walls. Go for lighter frames & pops of colour that can spark your energy. Find some baskets, put plants in them & voila, your air has just been purified.

Add a soft chair & an ottoman for the moments you need a quick break. Add some shelving designed for your space, to hold all your files & books. This can also be used to keep some tiny ornaments around you for that curated office space.




Capture your office with the right elements to ensure a stress free zone that is comfortable & does what it needs to. The office should be a place to be able to express your ideas & be innovative and with the correct space, this is an easy goal.


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