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Make your dark living room feel BRIGHTER!

Make your dark living room feel BRIGHTER!

Are you struggling to add some sunshine to a dark and gloomy living room? Well, then you're at the right place! We're bringing you some of our favourite tips to transform your dark living room to a much lighter and brighter one in no time. Read on to find out how to brighten up your dark room...

1. Don't be afraid to add colour

If you have a muted colour scheme going on, then turn to some colourful accessories to save the day! Adding a few pops of colour through fun lighting, scatter cushions, a large rug or other decorative pieces will instantly add some brightness to your room. 

2. Always add a mirror or two 

This is one of our favourite tips....adding a mirror or two close to a window will welcome some natural light to your dark living room and will also make your space appear even bigger (and don't we all want a room to look bigger than it actually is?!). 

3. Choose light neutrals instead of bright white

While your initial thought would be to choose bright white to make your space appear bigger and brighter, light neutrals can do the same without appearing so harsh. Choose light neutrals for your walls, furniture and decor as this will be a softer approach to adding light to your space. 

4. Layered lighting 

Combine different types of lights in your space, this will add a warm glow to your dark living room. Combine pendant lights, wall scones, table lamps and floor lamps as each will add their own light source to the room. You can even play with different bulbs to create just the right ambience. 

5. Add some bright art pieces 

Art is one of the easiest ways to add colour to any space in your home and this will even work in a dark living room. A bright artwork in your dark living room will add a colourful focal point. And a big bonus is that you can change your art pieces and placements as you please.

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KNUS Team - September 20, 2022

Thank you so much for the comment ❤️ We will definitely do a blog post on ceiling lights.

Karen - September 20, 2022

Blog about ceiling lights please…livingroom is dark and small. Height,what type etc.

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