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Magically Infused Creations with Artist Lauren Fowler

Magically Infused Creations with Artist Lauren Fowler

This week we're sitting down with Lauren Fowler, who has been creating stunning art works since 2008. Joining her in Cape Town, at the foot of Table Mountain is her two dogs & two cats. 

Lauren is influenced and inspired by fynbos. Her daily walks on the mountain maintains her connection to the Cape floral kingdom and it shows in her work. Her other creative influence is that of the spirit realm, sacred geometry and patterns. The detailed abstract works, pattern and mandala work are all a place for meditation. 

We have asked her a few questions on what she loves, why should people support local and her story. 


Who is Lauren Fowler & what was the idea behind your brand?

I’m a Cape Town born and bred illustrator, graphic designer and "thingmaker". I achieved a BA in Brand Communication from the AAA School of Advertising in 2007. After a brief stint in the advertising and web design world, I chose the path less travelled. I chose a freelance career in design and illustration which was supported by waitressing, working in a retail shop on Long street and other strange odd jobs like taking notes at focus groups and being a stock model. 
Fast forward to today, I live by the sea with my husband and the dogs & cats. My inspiration has always been from nature but is now more interested in the spirit realm. Bringing the unseen and mystical aspects of being a human being to life on paper. alchemise the way these things make me feel into images that people can feel too. A type of magical form of communication through the eyes.

How it started?

I had some drawings that I had laid out for my portfolio and someone asked me where they could buy a print of it. It was then that I started producing greeting cards and art prints. Honestly, nothing was thought out and I’ve just been following my nose ever since.

Lauren Fowler Art has been with KNUS almost from the beginning and it is amazing to work with local artist like herself. For KNUS it's important to help local businesses grow and to give exposure to them. 

Why do you think it's important for South Africans to support local?

Supporting local artists means that you keep money in our country circulating. All of my products are produced here in Cape Town. I buy my paper and pens from a woman owned art supply shop, I print with a local printer, all my packaging is form a local supplier and my products are then sold in South African shops, either online or brick and mortar. It keeps the cycle going. My artworks are influenced by the floral kingdom of the Western Cape, so a lot of my work has a South African flavour which other South Africans appreciate and enjoy. 

So Lauren, what would be your favourite pieces from your collection?

With regards to my available work,  “Cosmic Serpent – Light” oh and also “Serpentine”.


I really love snakes and all the mythology they communicate.

When you started selling on the KNUS platform, how has this impacted your business?

I love selling on KNUS, because it’s an easy way to access a larger audience that you wouldn’t find normally. I love being alongside such beautiful South African brands too.

Selling through KNUS means that I can access a larger market without having to put in the time and effort into marketing and advertising. It’s effortlessly done by being part of the KNUS brand.

Meet Lauren!

Lauren Fowler

Instagram: Bylaurenfowler



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