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Let's set your table for Christmas

Let's set your table for Christmas

There's just something about feasting around a table with family and friends, don't you agree? And as Christmas is around the corner - we have a few easy table decor ideas to wow your guests with this year! Read on to find out what our go to table decor tips are...let's set your table for Christmas and make it a Christmas to remember! 

1. Start with a centrepiece 

Add a table runner for the base and then layer your table with candles, fairy lights, flowers and other Christmas decorations. Make it fun, let the kids help you set the table and be part of decorating the room for your guests. We promise this will become a great tradition and opportunity to bond as a family! 

2. Colour coordinate 

For your table setting stick to a colour scheme, incorporate colours of the room or even your Christmas tree. Or why not try a monochromatic table setting, decorate with different shades of red or different shades of green - this wil definitely catch the eye!

3. Add a special touch 

A special touch is a great way to pleasantly surprise your guests. Do this by adding place cards, handwritten or printed to the table, a little gift or a Christmas cracker added to their plate. You can even add a special touch through the napkins on the plate, try folding them in creative ways. You can find easy tutorials on YouTube for folding napkins - we love the Christmas Tree Napkin look. This is also another opportunity to make the kids part of setting the table & it's fun too!

4. Make it special for the little ones

Adding cute dinnerware for the little ones, will make their meal at the table even more memorable. Plus this way the whole family can enjoy a festive meal together! 

5. Focus on seating 

You can tie a bow or hang a wreath at the back of your dining chairs. This will add to the Christmas theme and will also create another personalised touch for your guests. Here it's important to select comfortable chairs - you want your guests to be comfortable while sitting at the table. 

Share your table setting ideas and tips with us, we'd love to hear how you're decorating this year! 🎄❤️

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