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Incorporating Darker Tones

Incorporating Darker Tones

With lighter woods being dominant in last years Scandinavian approach in interior design, we expect to see more darker furniture that will bring in that sense of luxury, depth and greater elegance to each room.

With that being said, we are seeing more compartments in homes, with the open concept on the back seat, interior designers tend to create a division in when designing a homes space, this is to  ignite more intimacy and privacy in each corner.

There will be loads of natural elements brought into homes this year, that will be everlasting & be the statement that will compliment most design changes throughout the years. One thing that is prevalent will be the introduction of dark timber beams in ceilings, darker floors, bamboo & darker wooden door & window trims.

Texture is key with all these new elements in season, you will also look at bringing in wicker, jute & mostly natural fibers. This will lift the space of the darker tones.

And lastly, metals will be introduced to create a sense of luminosity & greater brightness. You can look at colours such as golds, gloss blacks & coppers.

2020 dark look book will feature some of the pieces available to purchase that suits the style and can be easily merged with an array of different spaces...

1. Mastaba Vase 2. Safari Days Fragrance Diffuser 3. Log Coffee Table 4. Bago Sofa Back Table 5. Oryx Black Dwell Lamp 6. Elizabeth Pendant 7. Oryx Black Server 8. Pyramid Planter 9. Ikhwani Baskets 10. Contemporary Blackwood Shelf

11. Lana Wall Hanging 12. Beach Agave Art Print 13. Peppercorn Scatter Cushion

14. Chameleon Dining Chair 15. HA TV Unit 16. Wonky Table 17. Adri Chair

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