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How to style your sofa scatters

How to style your sofa scatters

Is your sofa screaming for some scatter cushions or is it a jam-packed sofa with little to no place to sit? Well, if this is something you are struggling with we've got some great tips up our sleeve and we're here to share them all! Read on as we discuss some easy to follow tips to try, let's transform your sofa in no time. 

1. Select your colour palette 

The very first step should be to select your colour palette, look around the room and identify your core colours. Your core colours should be two to three colours that you've identified in your room through art, furniture, curtains and smaller decor elements - these two to three colours will become your colour palette to work from.

2. Select your number of scatters 

The next step is to take the size of your sofa and style of the room in consideration. This will determine the amount of scatters you will add to your specific sofa. For a more traditional look stick to an even number of scatters. You can achieve this by selecting two large square scatters in solid colours and placing them in the two corners of your sofa. Next place two smaller scatters in front of the larger ones and there you have it - a more traditional and formal look. For a more modern look opt for an uneven number of scatters. You can choose 3, 5, or 7 totally different scatters as long as you stick to your colour palette. 

3. Play with size and textures 

Scatter cushions just like art, allows you to express yourself, with that being said scatter cushions are ideal to experiment with. Don't be afraid to play with different sizes or textures, as you might just select the right combination by trying something new. The scatter cushions you select doesn't all have to be the same size or from the same material, so have fun with your scatters and show who you are! 

4. Let the room lead you

It's a good idea to let the room lead you when you're selecting scatter cushions. If you already have a busy and colourful room then it might be best to select more subtle scatters and leave the busy patterns for another day. 

5. Use the famous "karate chop"

Use the famous karate chop on your scatters, this will give them a more loved and lived in look. The karate chop will also ensure that you break up the regular shapes of the scatters on your sofa. 

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