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How to style your new coffee table

How to style your new coffee table

Just bought a new coffee table, but it’s not making the statement you were hoping for…Why not try some of our favourite styling tips? 

With these tips you will be sure to give your local coffee shop a run for their money! 

1. Tell your story 

Showcase your own personal style when you decorate your coffee table. Whether you like the minimalist approach or the "let's have something of everything" - tell people about your passions & memories through your coffee table decor. 

2. Keep all angles in mind 

When selecting decor items for your coffee table - keep all vantage points in mind. Picture frames will look much better on the shelf or side table than on the coffee table. Rather choose items people can see from all angles. 

3. Add a tray  

A tray is both practical & stylish. Having a tray on the table makes clearing up the space so much easier while also giving structure to a table.  

4. Try adding a plant or fresh flowers

A small, low-maintenance plant is an easy way to add both decor & a bit of colour. Fresh flowers also adds a lovely touch to your coffee table.

5. Add an object of height   

By varying the height & scale of your decorative objects - your coffee table will even be more eye catching. Try adding vases or candle holders to add a bit of height to your coffee table. 

6. Be entertaining 

Use books, magazines, board games or a deck of cards. This will add a relaxed touch to your space.  



1.Large Target Planter

2.Cane Round Tray

3.Indigenous Coaster Set

4. Ceramic King Protea

5. Indwe Man Candle Holder in Bronze 

6. Cross Coffee Table

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