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How to decorate your dining table (when you're not using it)

How to decorate your dining table (when you're not using it)

Okay, so you know how to decorate your dining table when you're having guests over for dinner...but now you're wondering how to decorate your dining table when you're not using it? You can't seem to find the balance between an overly cluttered and a dull dining table? Fear not, we have some easy tips for you to try! 

1. For the art lover 

If you are a lover of art and artistic objects you will want to try this! Adding a few art pieces to your dining table will add a different touch. To get this right you need to place the more significant piece of art like a sculpture in the middle of the table with smaller objects around it, without overdoing it as this will lead to your table looking cluttered. 

2. Add a vase 

If you love something fresh on your table then this tip might be for you. A pretty vase or planter with some fresh flowers will look stunning on your table. And if you're not too crazy about fresh flowers, try adding some dried flowers or some Pampas Grass or Bunny Tails to a vase. 

3. Add a fruit bowl 

A funky fruit bowl with some lovely fruits will add a pop of colour and style to your table. A good tip here is to keep your bowl a decent size as a bowl too big will influence how your fruit wil be displayed. 

4. Some candles 

Adding candles and modern candle holders to your table will add a stylish touch & even better you'll have them ready for those romantic nights in! Date night sorted! Adding some candles in different heights will instantly add height to your table. 

5. Try a table cloth or table runner 

Adding a pretty table cloth or table runner in beautiful designs might just be all that your dining table needs. This way you are adding something to your table without it being too much and even if you're running late for dinner you'll already have the table ready, well sort of! 

6. Keep your table bare 

If your dining table is already decorative on its own it might be a good idea to keep it bare. Keep things simple and showcase the natural beauty of wood. The best part is that when you are using your dining table - you have a clean canvas to work with as you have nothing to clear off the table! 










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