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How to Decorate with Blue and White

How to Decorate with Blue and White

Blue and white is a classic combination & in today's blog we're sharing a few tips on creating a timeless space with this colour combo! So read on if you want to know more...

1. The classic blue and white stripes

If you're looking for ways to incorporate this colour scheme to your home, you can't go wrong with the classic blue and white stripes. You can add this through scatter cushions or even bigger upholstered pieces.

2. Add an accent colour to your blue and white colour scheme 

Adding an accent colour is a great tip if you want to break the blue and white colour scheme. Red is a lovely colour to add to a blue and white colour combination, but it might be best to add small pops of red to the room. This will ensure everything works well together. 

3. Combine different shades of blue and white together

When decorating with blue and white you don't have to stick to one tone of each colour. You can create a great space when combining different shades of blue and white together. This is also a great idea for a bathroom. Geometric tile designs will give a space personality and depth.

4. Play with intricate patterns 

You can add blue and white decor elements through wallpaper, paint or even art pieces. If you want to make an impression and maybe a big one your hallway can be a great space to do this!

5. Create a luxurious look by pairing navy and white

Blue and white colour schemes shouldn't be reserved for the beach house - they work just as well in a bedroom or living room. And when done right, will create a luxurious feel! Navy and white for a living room is a perfect combo, but here it's important to focus on natural light and to add lots of textures. 

What do you think? Is this a colour combo you would try? Let us know by leaving a comment below 💙

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Karen Richter - November 16, 2022

Crazy about you blue and white blog! Keep ’em coming – thanx!

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