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How to: create a display worthy of a #shelfie

How to: create a display worthy of a #shelfie

From candles to vases to sentimental ornaments, carefully curated trinkets make your house a home, and express your person style. But finding a way to display all your special things can be an art in itself.  The big question is whether to opt for artfully scattered objects, or a dedicated display shelf? We’ve got some top tips and tricks for you:

  1. Instead of scattering your treasured goodies all around, turn them into a single statement piece. How? Make them the focal point of your room by dedicating an entire sideboard or shelf to them.
  1. Get a little mixy matchy. Design your displays using trinkets from different origins and eras. Maybe granny’s china teacup pairs perfectly with your newest Okra candle? Together, they’ll tell your story. If you are struggling to keep it looking harmonious, we suggest pairing items of similar tones finishes.


  1. Try choosing home decor accessories with rounded shapes like circular scatters or sculptural lamps like our Mode Lamp or Curvature Lamp – they will complement organic and irregular shapes of your handmade treasures.


  1. Add a touch of greenery. Plants are the perfect finishing touch to any inspiring interior. So create an indoor jungle embellishing your displays with some lush foliage or blooms. Shop our planters and vases here.


  1. And last but not least, the perfect backdrop to your collection? A natural shelf just like our Demi Shelf or our Oak HA Tall Shelf. The natural wood finish compliment the perfect imperfections left by the hand of the maker. 



1. Candles

2. Vases

3. Ornaments

4. Bookcases & Shelving Units

5. Sideboard

6. The Mode Lamp

7. The Curvature Lamp

8. Planters & Vases

9. Oak HA Tall Shelf

10. Demi Shelf


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