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Get Your Guest Bedroom Ready for Summer!

Get Your Guest Bedroom Ready for Summer!

Summer is around the corner which means more impromptu brunches that turn into dinners. Add value to your home design & make your spare bedroom (or yours) an eye catcher. 
Here are a few quick tips
Create a spot where they can unpack all the essentials before bed. A beautiful dresser with a comfortable chair is a great addition. If you have a light filled corner in the room, place the pieces there and it will accentuate the pieces perfectly. A bench is great to put any suitcases on or just to take a seat whilst taking your shoes off.
Add a mirror that will add more light and can also make the space bigger. If you have lots of sharp lines, go for a round mirror (slightly bigger than the dresser). If you have the capabilities, get a LED backlit mirror that will add soft lighting during evenings getting ready for bed.
You probably have a bed, so now you can go and add lovely bedding where your guests can lay down their pretty heads. T-shirt bedding is perfect as you don’t need to iron the sheets plus it has a 800thread count feel to it. It is warm in winter and cool in summer.
Add a pretty throw at the foot of the bed to soften and add texture. Try to go for a colour that is in contrast to the bedding and be daring by adding perhaps a pattern. Scatter cushions work great for adding pattern & comfort to the bed.
Pedestals and table lamps, add wooden pedestals that work well with the dresser, try not to go for the same style as it becomes outdated quickly. If you like to play around with materials, try metal side tables with wooden table lamps for reading.
Add art prints to your wall, create a gallery wall above the bed or in an empty corner. Make it personal and play around with different designs.
These are just a few easy ways to update your guest bedroom or if you want to update your space. Design can be easy, it’s all about creating a sense of calm, working with different materials and showcasing who you are & the space you're in.
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