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Elements to keep in mind when designing your home

Elements to keep in mind when designing your home

With 2020 being such an odd year and the pandemic stretching our budgets, everyone is looking for easy & affordable ways to update their homes. With a little paint you can quickly reverse dated looks but with smart buys it can look even better.
Black is back. Black has long been in the shadows since consumers & designers alike feel it to make spaces feel smaller and it lacks personality. However, pair it with contrasting colours such as white or other light colours. By going this way you can create a high end look & feel.

 Incorporate feminine textures & tones in your house which will in turn create a sense of calm, especially if you are in a WFH situation. These include soft textures like mohair blankets, wool accents & colours like blush, jute, bronze and ivory tones. 

Bring in natural elements coupled with human design. We are naturally inclined to seek connections with nature and by introducing this idea in your home has never been easier.
Go for wooden furniture paired with steel frames. The natural aesthetic of the wood will dominate but the steel will in turn create a clean & fresh space. Other ways is to add potted plants to your spaces which will clean the air while looking great.

 Velvets have become quite the feast. With an assortment of velvet colours now widely available, these tactile fibers are created to soften & enhance. Velvets can act as breathers between lots of patterns. Add a few velvets around your home to create a sense of depth & luxury which will also be on trend.

Be influenced by art. Designers & homeowners are looking at art to add character and soul to their abode. Look for something that means something to you, that grabbed attention from the moment you saw it. Design your space around art and it will all fall in place naturally.

With the craziness that we are currently facing we are more aware of our habitats and we need to create an oasis away from it all. Let your mind go & see where your inner designer takes you.


1. Thick Cotton Blanket 2. Round velvet button cushion 3. Self Portrait 4. Dome Shelf 5. Ghana Linear Basket 6. Black Moon Mirror 7. Mohair Throw 8. Cotton Rope Ivory Basket 9. Stormy Sky Velvet Cushion 10. Passage Art Print 11. Copper Coat Stand 12. Hercules Beetle Art Print 13. Cabinet with wood & steel 14. Mila Slim Shelf

15. Dhurrie Hopsack Bedside Mat 

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