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Dress up your home the Naturalist way

Dress up your home the Naturalist way

Naturalist way to dress up your home - KNUS
Image credit: Turbulences Deco

Author: Interior Designer Germarie Bruwer from Homeology


A home update is similar to a detox; hard to do at first but worth it afterwards! A new home doesn’t have to mean big-scale renovation; it can be as simple as reorganising and adding a few different elements.The difficulty comes in when you have to decide which décor items you want and which work well with each other as well as with your interior. So, to make life easier, we’ve created three covetable on-trend looks for you to try!

Our three favourite design styles are rooted in natural motifs, colours and elements that soften the hard edges that construction often creates. These styles pay homage to the natural world by focussing on organic forms, materials and aesthetic.

Here are the fabulous styles that any nature-lover will adore!


Botanical home - KNUS

Image credit: Stijlvol Styling


The trend that brings the outdoors in started showing up in 2017 and is now everywhere to be seen. Homes are not going to say goodbye to this greeny trend anytime soon, which means dabbling in stylised botany is still an awesome idea! If you’re looking to introduce a freshness to your home, botanical is the way to go. Plants in all shapes and sizes are the easiest and most air-purifying way to bring botanicals into your home. Green fabrics and stylised prints with wooden furniture can transform a house into a naturalist paradise.

Get the look:

  • Don’t be afraid to use green as a predominant colour in furniture or as a wall colour. Dark green fabrics, especially plush textures like velvet, are also super trendy this year!
  • Wallpaper with elaborate leafy prints makes a striking feature wall.
  • Incorporate as many living plants as you can stand. Arrange potted plants of different sizes on a bookshelf to create a fun focal.
  • Earthy pots and vases will add an organic feel to the interior.
  • Add botanical-themed scatter cushions or wall prints for a more subtle approach to the style.
  • Botanical doesn’t necessarily mean green; thisstyle includes florals too. If you’re want to restrain colour, merely choose florals or leafy patterns in monochrome.
  • Complement the natural look with natural-grain wood décor and rattan or wicker.


Here are our top picks for creating a Botanical interior: 

Create a Botanical Home - KNUS


  1. Jungle Cecropia Wallpaper
  2. Dolce Alpaca Blanket
  3. Bloukrans Pot Plant Holder
  4. Yellow Wood Magazine Table
  5. African Bulb Vase
  6. Teardrop Pot
  7. Limited Edition Jurassic Cycad Art
  8. Round Button Scatter Cushion
  9. Ava Baltic Scatter Cushion
  10. Rustic Ottoman


Scandinavian Home - KNUS
Image credit: Whiting Architects

Interiors with minimalist elements that rely on a monochromatic colour scheme and blond wood are undoubtedlypart of the Scandinavian interior family. Scandinavian style is streamlined, sleek and sophisticated. The focus here is to use natural, organic and renewable products in practical and simplistic designs.

Get the look:

  • Choose a colour palette from greys, whites and blacks.
  • Geometric prints on textiles like rugs, scatter cushions and throws add visual depth to the style while base colours in furniture and bedding keep the look cohesive.
  • Incorporate furniturethat has blonde or light wood surfaces.
  • Plants are a welcome addition to a Scandinavian interior, as the uncomplicated aesthetic of nature governs Scandinavian designs.
  • The artwork is often black and white line work with a natural or pastoral themeand a few subtle splashes of colour.
  • Add contemporary and minimalistic lighting to complement the look.


Here are our top picks for creating a Scandinavian interior: 

Create this look Scandinavian - KNUS


  1. White Dipped Wall Clock
  2. Branch Wall Hook
  3. Oak Tall Shelf
  4. Bird Scatter Cushion
  5. Triangle Scatter Cushion
  6. Stitch Floor Basket
  7. T-shirt Cotton Bedding
  8. Alfie 90 Gunmetal Wall Sconce
  9. Lunar Bees Art Print
  10. Hombre Chair

The Travellers’ Tree

Travellers Tree - KNUS

Image credit: 


Even though travel-inspired interiors are hidden under many names, their essence remains the same. Modern Ibiza, Nomadic and Boho Chic and classic Bohemian styles have one thing in common: travel! And pompoms and macramé o course. These interior are obsessed with texture, tassels and curated collections from far-away lands. These homes are often a mix of different design eras, which add to the wanderer atmosphere. Natural materials like wood, rattan, wool, and linen feature heavily in any traveller home.

Get the look:

  • Embrace cultural décor with tribal baskets and woven rattan pieces.
  • Add colour with rough textural rugs like kilims and soft throws.
  • Get a gallery wall to exhibit your personal favourite finds!
  • Scatter cushions are a great way to incorporate different design eras.
  • Do choose a statement piece, like a couch, to work around and centre the look.
  • Rugs and tapestries can be layered on the ground or arranged on the wall. Do not overdo this; more than two mats can make a home look disorganised.
  • Add visual height with original pendant lights.
  • Keep the walls neutral to avoid an overwhelming interior.


Here are our top picks for creating a Travellers’ interior: 

Travellers Tree Interior - KNUS

  1. Ceramic Crochet Pendant Light
  2. Riley Orchid Scatter Cushion
  3. Louis Indigo Cushion Cover
  4. Patterned Apricot Scatter Cushion
  5. Threeseater“Boks Bank”
  6. Frida Art Print
  7. Nguni Art Print
  8. Mineral Agate Art Print
  9. Macrame Dreamcatcher Triangle
  10. Mosaic Moss Rug
  11. Seagrass Rug

We’d love to hear what your style is. Let us know in the comments below!


Author: Interior Designer, Writer and Blogger Germarie Bruwer from Homeology.

Follow her for inspiration, DIY tips, free courses and highly recommended Interior Design services!

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