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Choosing lighting for your space

The best way to choose the right lighting for your home is to consider the purpose of each room, and then select lights accordingly.

Lighting should never be overlooked, it can be simple or super sophisticated. When choosing a light, it should definitely enhance the design in the room. It should work well with the colours & textures. Try to find a light in a colour that is prominent in the room.

The light should also be in unison with the room. You can use a variety of lights in a big room - by using general lighting with accent lights. Mix & match different lamps - use floor lamps & table lamps. If you are trying to lighten up the living room, have dimmers for movie nights & soft warm glow floor lamps to soften negative spaces.

Dining rooms should be moody & harsh light is NO NO. Choose a statement piece to hang above a table & keep the table design to a minimum. The light must have dimmers &  you can also introduce candles in this room. Everything always look great in good party lighting.

Bathrooms should have at least one light by the mirror & one light in the middle of the ceiling. Interesting ways of bringing in wall lights is by having a LED backlit mirror - these are usually connected to the wall plug & will go on when you switch it on at the wall. Keep in mind that you use either warm white or cool white for the ceiling light & back light.

When you are in bed, by 10pm you want the light as low as possible since you need to let your brain know it’s time for bed so switch off. Have a chandelier hung from the ceiling but keep it on dimmers. Have two table lamps one each side of the bed with a beautiful lamp shade to keep the light from escaping too much. If you are low on space, hang two dimmable pendants from the ceiling on each side of the bed. And have switches close by because no one wants to get out of bed to switch the lights off.

So all in all, keep in mind where the light goes and what the main focus of the room is. Make sure it enhances the design elements in your space, the lighting can be dimmed in the evenings & it just looks beautiful.

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