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Breaking it down to create the perfect bachelor pad

Breaking it down to create the perfect bachelor pad

The Bachelor Pad

While most men these days take care of how they look, their homes have also become quite a focal point in their lives.

Whether you are living solo or with a beautiful partner, a man should always have his soul embedded within the walls of his almost-humble abode.

We live in a time where design is everything & our homes are our sanctuaries. It can be costly to design your space, however, with timeless pieces you reap the rewards of effortless design that will last forever.

Always stick to the basics. Whether it is the minimalist approach or curated clutter. Stick to what you need and make sure you get the right piece for it. Use this guide for an easy way to decorate your ideal space. 

The Bedroom

Start with a solid bed, no creaks or crannies. Solid timber bed that is soft to the eye but with massive impact. Beds with clean lines & lots of square detailing is perfect for your space & will suit any time in your life.
You can expect to pay premium for a good bed base, but keep in mind that this bed will most likely be passed down by generations. Look out for a good mattress, get one that gives you a fully customisable option, by changing the firmness of the mattress in the comfort of your own home. This will ensure great future sleep.
Have two pedestals with extra storage to hide all the things laying around or to keep certain things at bay. Keep them simple, you don’t want them to become the focal point. Add great bedding, T-shirt bedding works great as you never need to iron them! And a scatter cushion and BAM! you have the ultimate bedroom. Low maintenance & will always look fresh.


The Living Room

With a few textures, minimal colours and some personal touches the living room will bring itself to life. You want to start off with a sofa that will form part of the focal point. Layer that with an easy to clean rug, we’re thinking twine vibes, add a coffee table & there you have it. Now, we pair the above with a generous piece of art, something that sparks joy. Soften the space with scatter cushions, look for something that features a prominent colour in your room, i.e. emerald sofa paired with leafy scatters.
Soften the coffee table with a great book, add a basket or tray to store keys, phones & remotes. Go down to the plant nursery, grab yourself a plant to purify the air, add a basket with details to hide that ugly pot. Perhaps you can add something personal to your room, whether it be a bookcase with all your self help manuals or your video games. You are the king of your castle and you have a perfectly curated mess or minimalist space.
That is your living room DONE.


The Dining Room


Make use of that space that can become an impromptu office, you can entertain your lovers or friends. Family can gather around, create memories because let’s face it, we’re not teenagers anymore, and sitting on your couch eating dinner is the epitome of boring.
Small spaces CAN have a dining space, always go for round tables when in a square space to soften those negative corners & the awkward to reach spaces. Have two nice chairs and add a few ottomans underneath for extra seating that can be used as needed. If you don’t have space, make most of what you do have.
Go for neutral colours that work with what you did in your living room. Always add a colour that is prominent in your other rooms. When designing your space, make sure you know what colour you prefer and work around that.
Add a bowl on the table for fruit or a vase for fresh fynbos that will last months even without water. Sophistication is having flowers in your home. Lastly, add another piece of art that is quirky & a conversation starter.

Dining room KNUS

To Conclude

This guide is easy to use & will provide you with maximum impact. You can always follow these basic steps to decorate any part of your home. To conclude, always have a prominent colour visible in each space. You want a uniformed space. Soften negative corners, whether it be rounded edges, plants in baskets or scatter cushions. You want to create a plush, cosy feel. Manage your clutter with baskets, trays, shelving, bowls & vases. Always have art in your home. Try to find art that is unique or at least not mass produced. You want a conversation starter.

AND keep it simple.

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